Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can't we just quietly help the earth?

Come and get me, Al Gore. I dare you to chase me down in your electric car.

Confession: I am so tired of "green living." It's become so ... so ... trendy. Like skinny jeans or indie flicks or hating Starbucks. (And why do we all have to hate Starbucks all of a sudden? I like frappuccinos. So there.)

Look, I care about the earth. I agree pumping chemicals into the atmosphere is a bad idea and will hurt our planet. I recycle -- uh, most of the time. I don't litter. I don't leave lights on after I leave a room. And even if I don't drive a hybrid car, I do drive a '99 Miata, which gets about 35-40 mpg in the city and is a lot more fun to drive than a Prius.

So for the love of God, can't we just reduce our impact on the environment without bragging about it? Because this is becoming tiresome. *sigh*


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