Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh, to be in Hendersonville, NC

Mountains, lakes, fresh air, and refreshing people -- this was an awesome (and much-needed) retreat from reality.

I've always been a Lowcountry girl: oceans, marshes, rivers, flatlands. But I never get to see mountains, which is why I loved joining my mother on a church retreat in North Carolina. I'm not a religious girl by any means, but I adore the people at my mother's church. They're not judgmental, they didn't mind if I skipped the religious services to relax and read Alice Hoffman on the screened-in porch of our cabin, and they can party like there's no tomorrow (they don't call them Whiskepalians for nothin'). There was no wi-fi, no cell phone signals, no television. Just rest and relaxation in the mountains by a lake with some wonderful people, and it was perfect. I can't wait to go again next year.

Now, for my next "vacation:" a work-related trip to Washington, D.C. in May. I love D.C., and I can't wait to go back - not just to better hone my job skills (though I am, nerdily enough, anticipating the seminars), but also to just experience the sights and sounds of the nation's capital. Oh, Smithsonian, how I've missed thee! Plus, after spending over a hundred hours in Fallout 3, it'll be fun to see Washington without the hordes of roaming super mutants brandishing nailboards. ;-)


Kim said...

Your getaway sounds like it was great! I've never been to that part of the states but would love to explore it someday.

septembermom said...

Sounds wonderful! I wish I could run away to a beautiful place like the mountains to get away sometimes. That's the way to relax.

PersicaPit said...

Kim - North Carolina's mountains are truly beautiful, and the weather was spot-on gorgeous. The Southeast in general is a really lovely part of the United States, in spite of all the negative press I feel we often get. Oh, South Carolina, why can't you ever get in the news for the GOOD things? *sigh*

septembermom - It really was a perfect retreat. And surprisingly, I didn't miss all the comforts of technology. Sometimes, it's nice to just get away from the computer and the TV and just read a good book or talk with good friends. I'd go again in a heartbeat. :)

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