Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Working & Writing

So, I've been working on a short story inspired by WritingPrompt on Twitter (great source of prompts, btw) for the last couple of days, and it's kind of taken on a life of its own -- I'm up to 2500+ words, and I'm still not quite finished with it. 

This is a good thing. I've suffered from writer's block for, God, over a year already. It's not for lack of ideas: there are about six different stories swimming around in my head right now, some short stories, some novel-length ideas (including one "magnificent octopus" that I've been in love with for about two years). It's getting them onto paper that's the difficult part, mostly because I've lost a lot of confidence in my own writing.

I used to write a lot. Like, a lot. But somewhere along the line, personal shit flared up and I lost myself for a while. I'm trying to find myself again, and these little prompts fluttering through the Internet have really helped. I've got ideas, my imagination is churning, and I'm enjoying writing again. Last night, I sat down for three hours straight and just wrote, and it felt like heaven.

Unfortunately, finding the time to write? That's a little harder. Work has become more intense recently and my job responsibilities have been ramped up (which really means I shouldn't be taking the time to update my blog right now, but what the hell, it's my lunch break), and my living situation isn't exactly conducive to "ideal writing conditions." (Hey, you try living with two boys and three dogs and see how many words you can crank out in a day. It ain't easy.)

Still, I'm going to keep at it, because that's what writers do -- we can't help but write. It's just in us. Besides, one of the greatest pleasures of being a writer is watching where a story goes. I want to see how this little tale ends. And when I'm finished with it, yes, I will post it -- that's half the reason I created this blog, after all. :)

Until then, it's another cup of coffee, another phone call to answer, another letter to send, and in the downtime, a few hundred words entered into MS Word. Such is the life -- but it's a good life.

Except when the dogs eat my shoes. Seriously, Boris -- STOP EATING MY SHOES. I know you're cute and all, but so are my hot pink ballet flats. *sigh*


Marc said...

That was a very enjoyable read :D

Time to write is the eternal struggle. Or at least it feels that way most days. But it just feels so good when you win the battle, you know?

And thanks for stopping by my blog :)

PersicaPit said...

Marc - Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, too! :)

Yeah, time to write really is the eternal struggle. I think a lot of us writers are a pretty particular bunch: we need the right music, the right setting, the right time of day ... Heck, I'm even picky about what FONT I write in (seriously -- I like to use different fonts for different types of stories, that is how weird I am *g*).

But man, when you're in the zone and the story is just unfolding right before your eyes, it's bliss. Pure bliss. Which is why I wouldn't give it up for anything. ;)

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