Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There are no straight lines.

The map makes it look so simple, but it's not.

My sister and I have always had a strange relationship -- which makes sense, considering that she's twelve years older than me and I didn't even know she existed until I was ten years old. It's a very sad, very twisted, VERY long family drama I won't get into, but we entered each other's lives with heavy baggage we're only just beginning to let go of. We don't always talk often. We maybe only get to see each other once a year. We both feel guilty for breaks in our relationship that really aren't our fault.

But we're sisters, and no matter what circumstances have kept us apart in the past, the present and the future belong to us. So we keep talking. We keep trying. And we always will.

Maybe mileage isn't the only way to measure distance, after all.


belleshpgrl said...

I have the same familial issues- emotional distance exacerbated by physical distance. Will it ever get easier?

PersicaPit said...

belleshpgrl - I can completely sympathize with you, and I can give you the hope that yes, it DOES get easier. It's taken my sister and I over ten years for both of us to get to the place where we are today, and we're still not as close as I think we'd both like to be. But we're working on it, keeping in touch as often as we can in our busy lives, and that's the important thing -- making the time and the effort to keep reaching out to each other.

So, yeah, in short -- it does get easier. It just takes time and effort, and in the case of my sister and me, a little extra growing up. But believe me, in the end? It's worth it. :)

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